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Vision & Mission


To upgrade the Institute as a World Class Premium Vocational Training Institute with Excellent Infrastructure and environment. Setting-up of high training standards and meaningful result-oriented partnership with Industries, developing a globally competitive skilled workforce and an entrepreneur society.


We, the Karyakartas of SHARWANI PVT. ITI, Godhani, Nagpur, are committed to developing globally competitive skilled workforce keeping pace with the technological developments and demands of Industries and the expanding knowledge of the jet-age world.


To develop as –

* World-class Premium Institute 
* ISO/QS Certified Institute. 
* Total Quality Management Institute 
* Nodal Institute for Staff Training. 
* Resource Institute for Industries, Govt. Institutions and society. 


* To provide an opportunity to Artisans from the unorganized and informal sector for certification of their skill level by skill testing.

* To develop Artisans up to technocrat level by making available vocational diploma & degree Education.

* To provide opportunity of vertical mobility to ITI pass-outs i.e. vocational diploma & degree Education

We are committed to –

* World Class Training 
* Follow TQM techniques i.e. JIT, 5S, TPM, TEI
* Follow Just in Time Work Culture 
* Follow 5’S’ Principles 
* Safety and hygiene of our trainees and staff. 
* Develop our trainee globally competitive with 
* 100% satisfaction of Industries 
* Adopt Modern Technology.


* To develop skills, keeping in mind emerging occupations and changing nature of work as a result of technological changes and workplace processes, to enhanced employment – self-employment potential of the youth.

* To supply skilled manpower to Industries as per their need.

* To develop employment-self employment-oriented Vocational skills among illiterates, school dropouts, workers in the unorganized sector, candidates registered in employment exchanges, self-help groups irrespective of their age and educational background, to make them self reliant.

* To make the Institutions more responsive and proactive, with regard to the kind of suggestions and recommendations made by the Industries, to develop a constructive partnerships between Industry and Institute.

* To offer training for the various high end and low-end activities in the Industry base sector and Service sectors.

* To restructure operation of Vocational Training to enhance the quality, utility and effectiveness in the context of changing technologies and requirements in the labour market. 

* To offer training on issues related to customer handling, communication, interpersonal skills, sales management, etc.

* To reduce the burden of unemployment.

Employment Generating Sectors

* Information Technology 
* Call Centres/BPOs
* Retailing Sector 
* Hospitality Industry
* Apparel and Fashion Technology 
* Beauty culture
* Agriculture sector ( Horticulture, Fruit & Food processing etc.) 
* Multimedia and advertising 
* Automobile sector 
* Refrigeration – Air-conditioning

The Beneficiaries

* 10th and 12th Pass students 
* School Dropouts including 10th and 12th Std.
* Workers in Unorganized Sector 
* Self-help groups.
* Candidates registered in Employment Exchanges 
* Any other candidates of any age with or without any Educational backgrounds 
   All Elements of the Society

What is a Vocational Training?

A planned process to modify attitude, knowledge and skill behavior through learning experience to achieve effective performance in an activity or range of activities. Its purpose, in the work situation, is to develop the abilities of the individual and to satisfy the current and future manpower needs of the organization.

Vocational Training Schemes in ITI



* Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) 
* Community Service Centre (Lokseva Kendra Yojana)
* Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS) 
* Vocational Training on Demand (Magel Tyala Vyavsay Prashikshan) 
* Advance Vocational Training System (AVTS) 
* Artizen to Technocrat
* Hi-tech Training Scheme 
* Production Oriented Training Scheme (POTS)
* Upgradation of ITIs into Centre of Excellence